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Sentinel Bingo - Happy Ending

I wanted the guys to have a happy ending so I've made a slash piece for this square. I know not everyone on my f-list are slashers so I've left the artwork behind the cut.

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Sentinel Bingo - Handcuffed/Bound Together

I hope you can see the imagery okay, I know it's a little difficult to see but I wanted to capture that moment and give it a spiritual feel. :D

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Sentinel Bingo - Bodyswap

I thought a cartoon (ish) filter would work best for this prompt, and while I would have preferred a colour version, the colours drowned it out for me so I stuck with a black and white look instead. :D

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Sentinel Bingo - Transformations

As tempted as I was to do a piece with Blair transforming from the wolf, I decided to go with this instead.

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Sentinel Bingo - Prank War

I'm trying to keep my bingo card visually focused because I'm not a great writer and it takes me hours to make a few words sound remotely decent, still, I'm not going to deny that I was very tempted to write something instead of doing artwork for this prompt. :D

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Sentinel Bingo - Parents/Family

I was tempted to do a William or Naomi piece for this prompt but decided to go with Simon in the end.

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Sentinel Bingo - Sins

I tossed between Sins and Parents/Family for this wall and decided to go with Sins in the end. It was such a mean act by William even if he thought he was acting in Jim's best interests at the time.

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Sentinel Bingo - Breaking The Fourth Wall

I was going to do a shot of them watching themselves on TV (thanks for the idea Leesa) but I couldn't find a good enough source pic so I relented and did this instead. I think it still works.


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Sentinel Bingo - Haunted House

This prompt seemed to jump out at me. I don't think it was my best pick to complete a line but it was definitely the one calling out to me.

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