Beth (stargatesg1971) wrote,

The Parent Trap Wallpaper - Dennis Quaid

This wall was created in response to topic challenge 1 on Lost Fandoms. The challenge was/is to make a wall (or walls) for as many of the actors listed below as you want. You were/are allowed to use any work from their filmography but must ensure that the artwork was/is based on the selected topic: WHAT IS FAMILY? The actors chosen for this round are: Mark Harmon, Joe Flanigan, Anthony Starke, George Clooney and Dennis Quaid.

For my first entry (as I hope to make more) I selected The Parent Trap with Dennis Quaid as Lesley set the topic this month and he was her choice of actor. I really enjoyed re-watching this movie so I could make the wall. It was a lovely trip down memory lane.

As the subject is rather fitting to the prompt 'siblings' I've decided to use this for that square on round 9's Bingo card.

Tags: wallpapers: various fandoms

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