Beth (stargatesg1971) wrote,

TS Gen Ficlet - A Moment Of Reflection - Rated G

I thought I'd dip my toes in and have a stab at writing a drabble for The Sentinel fandom.

This is an unbeta'd version, all errors are mine.

Title: A Moment Of Reflection

Author: Beth

Rating: G

Word count: app. 221

Summary: Blair reflects how his friendship with Jim has changed since their return from Sierra Verde.


No matter how I look at it, things just aren’t the same between Jim and me anymore.

It’s been forever since we last sat down for a meal together, let alone, work a case. I thought we’d worked through our issues about Alex in Mexico, but now, now I’m not so sure.

We were, are, Sentinel and Guide, but after the incident at the fountain, we could be soooo much more. Our souls touched on a level I never thought possible.

In that brief moment when he saved my life, we were one. Two minds intertwined in a single vision. I don’t understand how it happened, all I know is, it did, and I’m alive.

He saved me.

Initially I thought the link would have strengthened our friendship, and maybe it did for a while, but in Mexico when Jim’s sentinel instincts kicked in and he connected again with Alex, something changed. The bond between us dwindled and now, now we’re like two ships passing in the night.

When we are together, he’s distant, aggressive, impatient and on times, even hostile towards me. While some might run away and hide, I won’t. You see to me, it’s all about friendship. You take the rough with the smooth.

One day we’ll get past this, I just hope it’s sooner, rather than later.

Tags: fan fiction: the sentinel
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