Beth (stargatesg1971) wrote,

TS Secret Santa 2017

Here's a few pieces of art I made for the drabble days on ts_secret_santa. I'm not sure how the reveals are working with the extravaganza but I figure as they've been online a few days now I'm good to post them here too.

To reveal the full size version on the artwork click on the images below, please note that the gifs are already displayed in full size.


Prompt: Deck The Halls

Prompt: Advent

Prompt: Holly

Prompt: Sleigh

Prompt: Peace

Prompt: Choice of Holiday/Celebration - Bodhi Day

Prompt: Cookies

Prompt: Snow ball/man/fort/creature – something made out of snow by people

Prompt: National Guard Birthday

Prompt: Hanukkah

Prompt: Mrs Claus

Prompt: Holiday (or anti-holiday!) Party

Prompt: Christmas Ornament/Bauble

Prompt: Gift

Prompt: Solstice

Prompt: Family and/or Friends (or 'friends as family,' whatever you're comfortable with)

Prompt: Christmas Eve

For the extravaganza:

Tags: wallpapers: the sentinel, xmas

  • Site Update

    I added a new music video by Cyril to Dedicated To Stargate SG1 yesterday.

  • Site update

    I've just added some music videos by Ruralstar to Macs Your Man and Dedicated To Stargate SG1.

  • Site Update

    I've just added High Control and There But For The Grace to the screen capture section on Macs Your Man. As usual they are both in zip format.

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