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Sentinel Bingo - NEW CARD

I've signed up for another card with Sentinel Bingo. As before I hope to get at least a line (or two) in by the end of this round, a full house would be great but we'll see how I get on.

My Bingo Card

Out of the Past Killers Love Kills Homemade Meal Fracture
AU: Space Heroics Carnival Finkleman’s Folly Science Fiction
AU: Royalty/Aristocracy/Feudal Female Friends WILD CARD Hurt/Comfort Switchman
Epiphany Acceptable Losses Questions Simon Says Denial
It’s About Friendship Clueless Drugs Bomb Payback

When a square is completed I will highlight it in purple and add a link to the relevant page; and as I claim a bingo line I'll display the winning banner below.

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