Beth (stargatesg1971) wrote,

TS Gen Ficlet - A Matter Of Trust - Rated G

I was trying for a drabble when I wrote this and while I succeeded, I decided to post this version instead coz I think it flows better. This was written in response to the quote challenge ‘The Chains That Bind Us’ but it also fits the word prompt ‘Trust’ on sentinel-thursday.

This is an unbeta'd version, all errors are mine.

Title: A Matter of Trust

Author: Beth

Rating: G

Word count: app. 129

Summary: Jim reflects on his trust issues

Notes: Although this ficlet is labelled as gen, I personally believe it could also be interpreted as slash in the right eyes

As a cop I put my life on the line every day and trust the people I work with to back me up; but to freely trust someone with my heart, well, that’s another story. For years I’ve protected it, shielded it away from the world allowing only those closest to me in. That wall was solid, firm, and strong. Then, I met Blair Sandburg and everything changed. He made me want to believe, to take that leap of faith and start connecting with people on a different level. Now don’t get wrong I still hide behind that wall. I don’t offer my heart up easily, but I give it to him without hesitation; after all, he is my best friend, my partner and my guide. I trust him.
Tags: fan fiction: the sentinel
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